Wade White’s Response to recent realtree.com article quoting USFS employee Bloener


The following is a copy of the email sent by Wade White to Tina Tilley, USFS Area Supervisor for LBL in response to the recent article from realtree.com referenced later in this post and also in this post: http://lblcoalition.org/wp/forest-service-deer-population-misinformation/ Quoted with permission Tina, I just read an article about the decline of deer population in…

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Forest Service Deer Population (Mis)Information

Deer trend figure

Recently a US Forestry Service representative was quoted as saying “So, even though the increasing forest coverage is detrimental to whitetails and other wildlife, why isn’t there more open lands management taking place? Simple answer, opposition from small, but very vocal, groups like KY Heartwood who fight tooth and nail to prevent any timber harvest…

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1 year anniversary

It was a little over a year ago that the facebook page “Coalition for the Preservation of Land between the Lakes” was created and shared with a couple thousand people. I remember that week vividly, as our reach expanded exponentially past anything I dreamed of. I soon found myself introduced to Wade White, Jim Scheff,…

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